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Programme at a glance.

  • Time Activity
    09:00 Conference Opening
    Y. Manolopoulos, S. Matwin, A. Appice, G. Tsoumakas
    09:15 Graph and Network Mining
    Session Chair: Apostolos Papadopoulos

    Maximizing Network Coverage Under the Presence of Time Constraint by Injecting Most Effective k-Links
    Kouzou Ohara, Takayasu Fushimi, Kazumi Saito, Masahiro Kimura and Hiroshi Motoda

    On the utilization of structural and textual information of a scientific knowledge graph to discover future research collaborations: a link prediction perspective
    Nikolaos Giarelis, Nikos Kanakaris and Nikos Karacapilidis

    Spatiotemporal Traffic Anomaly Detection on Urban Road Network Using Tensor Decomposition Method
    Leo Tišljarić, Sofia Fernandes, Tonči Carić and João Gama

    10:10 15 minute break
    10:25 Intrepretable and Explainable Machine Learning
    Session Chair: Salvatore Rinzivillo

    Explaining Sentiment Classification with Synthetic Exemplars and Counter-Exemplars
    Orestis Lampridis, Riccardo Guidotti and Salvatore Ruggieri

    Generating Explainable and Effective Data Descriptors Using Relational Learning: Application to Cancer Biology
    Oghenejokpeme Orhobor, Joseph French, Larisa Soldatova and Ross King

    Interpretable Machine Learning with Bitonic Generalized Additive Models and Automatic Feature Construction
    Noëlie Cherrier, Michael Mayo, Jean-Philippe Poli, Maxime Defurne and Franck Sabatié

    Predicting and Explaining Privacy Risk Exposure in Mobility Data
    Francesca Naretto, Roberto Pellungrini, Anna Monreale, Franco Maria Nardini and Mirco Musolesi

    11:40 15 minute break
    11:55 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    Session Chair: Michelangelo Ceci

    Attention in Recurrent Neural Networks for Energy Disaggregation
    Nikolaos Virtsionis Gkalinikis, Christoforos Nalmpantis and Dimitris Vrakas

    Enhanced food safety through deep learning for food recalls prediction
    Georgios Makridis, Philip Mavrepis, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Ioanna Polychronou and Stathis Kaloudis

    FairNN – Conjoint Learning of Fair Representations for Fair Decisions
    Tongxin Hu, Vasileios Iosifidis, Wentong Liao, Hang Zhang, Michael Ying Yang, Eirini Ntoutsi and Bodo Rosenhahn

    Improving deep unsupervised anomaly detection by exploiting VAE latent space distribution
    Fabrizio Angiulli, Fabio Fassetti and Luca Ferragina

    13:05 85 minutes break / Steering Committee Meeting
    14:30 Keynote Talk
    Session Chair: Yannis Manolopoulos

    Knowledge Discovery in mHealth — dealing with few noisy data
    Myra Spiliopoulou

    15:30 15 minute break
    15:45 Data Streams
    Session Chair: Joao Gama

    FABBOO – Online Fairness-aware Learning under Class Imbalance
    Vasileios Iosifidis and Eirini Ntoutsi

    FEAT: A Fairness-enhancing and Concept-adapting Decision Tree Classifier
    Wenbin Zhang and Albert Bifet

    Unsupervised Concept Drift Detection using a Student–Teacher Approach
    Vitor Cerqueira, Heitor Gomes and Albert Bifet

    Simultaneous Process Drift Detection and Characterization with Pattern-based Change Detectors
    Angelo Impedovo, Paolo Mignone, Corrado Loglisci and Michelangelo Ceci

  • Time Activity
    09:00 Announcements
    09:05 Multi-Target Models
    Session Chair: Dragi Kocev

    Extreme Gradient Boosted Multi-label Trees for Dynamic Classifier Chains
    Simon Bohlender, Eneldo Loza Mencía and Moritz Kulessa

    Hierarchy decomposition pipeline: A toolbox for comparison of model induction algorithms on hierarchical multi-label classification problems
    Vedrana Vidulin and Sašo Džeroski

    On Aggregation in Ensembles of Multilabel Classifiers
    Vu-Linh Nguyen, Eyke Hüllermeier, Michael Rapp, Eneldo Loza Mencía and Johannes Fürnkranz

    10:00 15 minute break
    10:15 Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection
    Session Chair: Donato Malerba

    Assembled Feature Selection For Credit Scoring in Microfinance With Non-Traditional Features
    Saulo Carpio, Pedro Gomes, Luis Rodrigues and João Gama

    Learning surrogates of a radiative transfer model for the Sentinel 5P satellite
    Jure Brence, Jovan Tanevski, Jennifer Adams, Edward Malina and Sašo Džeroski

    Nets versus trees for feature ranking and gene network inference
    Nicolas Vecoven, Jean-Michel Begon, Antonio Sutera, Pierre Geurts and Vân Anh Huynh-Thu

    Pathway Activity Score Learning for Dimensionality Reduction of Gene Expression Data
    Ioulia Karagiannaki, Yannis Pantazis, Ekaterini Chatzaki and Ioannis Tsamardinos

    11:30 15 minute break
    11:45 Best Paper + Distributed Processing
    Session Chair: Grigorios Tsoumakas

    Evaluating Decision Makers over Selectively Labelled Data: A Causal Modelling Approach
    Riku Laine, Antti Hyttinen and Michael Mathioudakis

    Balancing between scalability and accuracy in time-series classification for stream and batch settings
    Apostolos Glenis and George Vouros

    DeCStor: A Framework for Privately and Securely Sharing Files Using a Public Blockchain
    Maria Siopi, George Vlahavas, Kostas Karasavvas and Athena Vakali

    Investigating parallelization of MAML
    Jan Bollenbacher, Florian Soulier, Beate Rhein and Laurenz Wiskott

    13:00 90 minutes break
    14:30 Keynote Talk
    Session Chair: Annalisa Appice

    Machine learning for Modelling and Understanding in Earth Sciences
    Gustau Camps-Vals

    15:30 15 minute break
    15:45 Community Meeting
    A. Appice, G. Tsoumakas
    16:45 15 minute break
    17:00 Data and Knowledge Representation
    Session Chair: Larisa Soldatova

    COVID-19 therapy target discovery with context-aware literature mining
    Matej Martinc, Blaž Škrlj, Sergej Pirkmajer, Nada Lavrač, Bojan Cestnik, Martin Marzidovšek and Senja Pollak

    Semantic annotation of predictive modelling experiments
    Ilin Tolovski, Sašo Džeroski and Panče Panov

    Semantic description of data mining datasets: An ontology-based annotation schema
    Ana Kostovska, Sašo Džeroski and Panče Panov

  • Time Activity
    09:00 Announcements
    09:05 Spatial, Temporal and Spatiotemporal Data
    Session Chair: Saso Dzeroski

    Mining Disjoint Sequential Pattern Pairs from Tourist Trajectory Data
    Siqi Peng and Akihiro Yamamoto

    Mining Constrained Regions of Interest: An Optimization Approach
    Alexandre Dubray, Guillaume Derval, Pierre Schaus and Siegfried Nijssen

    Time Series Regression in Professional Road Cycling
    Arie-Willem de Leeuw, Mathieu Heijboer, Mathijs Hofmijster, Stephan van der Zwaard and Arno Knobbe

    Detecting Temporal Anomalies in Business Processes using Distance-based Methods
    Ioannis Mavroudopoulos and Anastasios Gounaris

    10:10 15 minute break
    10:25 Clustering
    Session Chair: Eirini Ntoutsi

    Constrained Clustering via Post-Processing
    Nguyen Viet Dung Nghiem, Christel Vrain, Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao and Ian Davidson

    Deep Convolutional Embedding for Painting Clustering: Case Study on Picasso’s Artworks
    Giovanna Castellano and Gennaro Vessio

    Dynamic Incremental Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Clustering for Bipolar Disorder Episode Prediction
    Gabriella Casalino, Giovanna Castellano, Francesco Galetta and Katarzyna Kaczmarek-Majer

    Iterative Multi-Mode Discretization: Applications to Co-Clustering
    Hadi Fanaee-T and Magne Thoresen

    11:35 15 minute break
    11:50 Classification
    Session Chair: Eyke Hüllermeier

    Mitigating Discrimination in Clinical Machine Learning Decision Support using Algorithmic Processing Techniques
    Emma Briggs and Jaakko Hollmén

    Predicting the Health Condition of mHealth App Users with Large Differences in the Amount of Recorded Observations – Where to Learn from?
    Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Yash Shah, Miro Schleicher, Mirela Strandzheva, Plamen Dimitrov, Doroteya Velikova, Ruediger Pryss, Johannes Schobel, Winfried Schlee and Myra Spiliopoulou

    Multi-Directional Rule Set Learning
    Jonas Schouterden, Jesse Davis and Hendrik Blockeel

    WeakAL: Combining Active Learning and Weak Supervision
    Julius Gonsior, Maik Thiele and Wolfgang Lehner

    13:00 90 minutes break
    14:30 Keynote Talk
    Session Chair: Stan Matwin

    The highs and lows of performance evaluation: Towards a measurement theory for machine learning
    Peter Flach

    15:30 15 minute break
    15:45 Ensemble Methods
    Session Chair: Pierre Geurts

    Extreme Algorithm Selection with Dyadic Feature Representation
    Alexander Tornede, Marcel Wever and Eyke Hüllermeier

    Federated Ensemble Regression using Classification
    Oghenejokpeme Orhobor, Larisa Soldatova and Ross King

    One-Class Ensembles for Rare Genomic Sequences Identification
    Jonathan Kaufmann, Kathryn Asalone, Roberto Corizzo, Colin Saldanha, John Bracht and Nathalie Japkowicz

    Missing value imputation with MERCS: a faster alternative to MissForest when retraining is infeasible
    Elia Van Wolputte and Hendrik Blockeel

    17:00 Conference Closing
    Y. Manolopoulos, S. Matwin, A. Appice, G. Tsoumakas